Wednesday, 16 January 2008

It's funny but this is the 800th post and I really feel that a lot of the time I am talking to myself...

Seriously, I know how many of you are reading the blog but I am not really convinced that it is good us of my limited time, other than it gives me a way of sending out key messages. I would welcome feedback on how I could make it a better way of reaching out to everyone who shares my passion, my enthusiasm and wants to release the magic in every classroom and every school, in every colleague and most importantly in every child and young person.


Oaf said...

What Ho!

Is it 800 messages already? Your daily communique often leaves me feeling warm, fluffy and frankly a little tingly.

Supporting Chris comes high on any decent chaps list of priorities (behind strong drink, pastry comestibles and selecting a fresh cravat at Gieves and Hawkes).

Do not worry about the concept of talking to yourself. I myself am highly experienced in this art, what with Mrs Oaf and the school staff taking no notice whatsoever, despite my new years resolution to talk less rubbish.

My suggestion is to make your blog more pithy (no - I don't have a lisp). Put in some gags and a weekly prize for regular readers. Perhaps 'Tea with Chris' or nice bit of Wensleydale.

Have Chris' crossword
eg 3 down - They can ruin a teachers life (Answer O something something E D)

I did once suggest the Dark Side of Chris which you need to expand. Being unfailingly positive can give the impression of a lack of contact with reality. Be more grumpy on occasions. Have a passionate rant. Make an ill considered remark then apologise (I do this all the time).

The Oaf

Anonymous said...

I would love you to continue, I get so much information from your blog. Children's services is such a huge area and it is so easy to miss new initiatives amongst the overload of information. Your blog raises interesting issues - how IS Education Leeds communicating to workers on the ground? How are managers and leaders communicating with others? And how do people start to learn about all the things Education Leeds is doing? I came into children's services a year and a half ago and desperately need this information. Your blog goes some way to fulfilling my needs.

Stuart Bruce said...

I'm definitely a fan - I now know far more about what Education Leeds is doing than when I was a councillor. I do quite a bit of public speaking on social media at big conferences and frequently cite you as an example of best practice.

Chris'Blog said...

Thanks... it is deeply encouraging to know that it is read and appreciated.I would happily have tea with you OAF!

Chris'Blog said...

Hi Stuart,thanks for the feedback and the positive comments about the blog.

Chris'Blog said...

Hi Anonymous,
We do need to connect with those colleagues who work so hard at the front line and make such a difference to children and families. We need to listen and shape our provision to support them rather than focusing at the strategic and bureaucratic level.
Keep the faith