Thursday, 17 January 2008

I know it's a bit late but I received my termly letter from my colleague John Gibson who I bumped into just before Christmas when I visited Sharp Lane Primary School...

John let me know his top twelve schools...
  • Crossley Street Primary School;
  • Farsley Farfield Primary School;
  • Sharp Lane Primary School;
  • St Edwards CE Primary School;
  • Ash Tree Primary School;
  • Bankside primary School;
  • Whingate Primary School;
  • Hillcrest Primary School;
  • Hovingham Primary School;
  • Cross Flatts Park Primary School;
  • Upper Armley Christ Church CE Primary School;
  • Chapel Allerton Primary School.
It's always great to hear about successful schools from different perspectives and I would welcome hearing your top ten schools in Leeds so that we can add to the celebration of what colleagues across Leeds do day-in day-out working with the most important and valuable resource this city has... it's children and young people.

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