Saturday, 9 February 2008

I went on to Low Road Primary School to the start of a two centre visit to celebrate the first six months of the Federation between Low Road and Windmill Primary Schools...

The school looked wonderful and the energy and purposeful learning on display was fantastic. Both schools were working on an international 'one world' and the arts theme which had permeated into every aspect of school life. They were working with an organisation called International Service on a 'Same Difference: The never ending children's art project' and had involved colleagues from International Relations and Artforms to create a brilliantly energetic, vibrant and powerful curriculum project that had obviously caught the imagination of all the learning team and the children.

Sally Sumpner who heads the Federation between the two schools has clearly done an incredible job at Low Road Primary School and created a learning team and a partnership between the two schools that brings real added-value, is achieving a huge impact and is delivering improved and improving outcomes for these wonderful children.

You can find out more about the 'Same Difference project by visiting their web-site at

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