Saturday, 9 February 2008

I moved on with everyone else to Windmill Primary School to complete the two centre visit to celebrate the first six months of the Federation between Low Road and Windmill Primary Schools...

Once again I was struck by the quality of the provision at Windmill Primary School, the quality of the learning environment the learning team have created, the pace, engagement and purposeful learning, the richness of the curriculum on offer and the fantastic relationships. We saw energy and quality everywhere we went in this fantastic school. These are great children and the school is releasing something incredible.

Just one example of the vast number of wonderful things we saw... a group of children were recording our visit on digital camcorders and another group of children were editing the footage and producing short programmes to be displayed at school. The school's use of ICT is fantastic; led by a very talented colleague whose passion and enthusiasm was contagious.

This school is contagious and Sally Sumpner and her colleagues, across two schools now, are building brilliant and proving that, wherever you are across the great city, our children have a magic and a potential that we can engage, nurture and release to ensure that every child in Leeds is happy, healthy, safe and increasingly successful.

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