Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Becta and the National Education Network are inviting secondary schools to submit proposals for funded projects to exploit online digital resources found external to their organisation to create more engaging, innovative and interactive materials for teaching and learning. These materials will then be made available nationally for sharing with other teachers. Up to £25,000 is available per project and it is expected that 30-50 projects will be funded across the country... so we might expect 4-8 projects here in Leeds. Collaborative bids (which may include primary schools) will be welcomed.

The deadline for bids is 12:00 noon on Friday 22 February 2008. All projects should start as soon as possible and no later than 22 April 2008. Funding will cease at the end of December 2008. You can find out more on InfoBase.


Beth said...

What a pity the hard work, brilliant creative outcomes and the lively confident children of Low Road failed to get a mention.
This visit was to celebrate six months of the Federation: two schools working collaboratively to give added value to both.
We had all worked together, with International Services, to give our wonderful children an enhanced curriculum for a week’s Round the World study, with each age group taking one area of the world, incorporating visits between the two schools. To see the energy, enthusiasm and sheer enjoyment of learning generated by this project was a joy to experience.
It is right to praise the quality of provision and the rich environment of Windmill, but you must include Low Road too – we are in it together now!

Chris'Blog said...

Hi Beth,
I am sorry but the entry was sitting on my blog waiting. You are right about Low Road Primary School. hard work, brilliant creative outcomes and the lively, confident children were amazing ... brilliant!