Sunday, 10 February 2008

My colleague Maxine Squire, one of our Secondary School Improvement Advisers, sent me this...

"Chris, I just wanted to highlight the event I attended at Wortley High School yesterday evening as an example of the good work the school is doing to engage Year 7 pupils and their parents. I was invited to attend their Year 7 Art Exhibition which was used to showcase the work that Year 7 have produced as part of the Year 7 project based curriculum that has been developed at Wortley. It was a really wonderful opportunity for parents to engage with the school and was very well attended. It was really great to see the impact the project work has had in improving pupil motivation and engagement with the secondary school curriculum and I felt sure you'd want to know about the good things that are happening at Wortley.
Best wishes Maxine"

It is wonderful to hear about areas where we are doing brilliant things.

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