Thursday, 14 February 2008

Stockholm 4

Wednseday started well...

Cllr Richard Harker and I went to Stockholm City Hall to meet Lotta Edholm, Leader of the Education Committee in Stockholm and Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on the City Council, and Hakan Edman, Head of Compulsory Education in Stockholm. It was a great meeting in a staggeringly beautiful building.

We agreed to further develop the relationship between Stockholm and Leeds in the following ways:

  • develop a proposal for a small and focused EU funded project linking schools, teachers and students using ICT;
  • develop a small shared leadership project building on our 'brilliant learning, brilliant leadership' project;
  • develop school links between schools in Stockholm and Leeds;
  • develop a small teacher exchange programme.

We are also looking to build a relationship with Helsinki to learn from the best of Finnish educational practice. If anyone out there is interested in these projects please let me know.

Lotta gave Richard and I a beautiful book about the Stockholm City Hall. It will be a fantastic reminder of a wonderful three days in this beautiful city with some fabtastic people.

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