Thursday, 14 February 2008

Stockholm 5

We went on to Tegelhagens School in Sollentuna...

This is a unique place: it caters for children aged one to eleven and their philosophy is based on the outdoors, on sustainability and learning through structured play. Eva-Lotta Kastelholm, the Principal, met us and showed us around her incredible school; we watched a teacher work with some children developing their understanding of area and shape using an Activeboard, we watched children doing handicraft; woodwork and textiles and we explored the outside!. The children spend around 80% of their time outside and they even have sleeping sheds with little sleeping bags for the children. They are also into recycling in a big way!

You can find out more about this amazing little school by visiting their website at sadly it's only in Swedish!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Very interested in the Tegelhagens school but the Swedish website is no good at all! Can you point me in the direction of any english language reference texts about the philosophy or curriculum organisation behind it? Is it like the 'Forest Schools' concept?

How could an English/Leeds school get away with this? Would EL be in support? How can we dare to be innovative in this way when we would be laying ourselves open to a caning from Ofsted over FS and KS1 data?

Peter Harris
Farfield Primary