Thursday, 14 February 2008

The Final Chapter!

We arrived at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm for our flight back to the UK...

I am never going to travel with KLM again. The flight was delayed but getting information was impossible and when we eventually mnaged to take off we were about an hour late and having misssed the connection on the way out it wasn't looking good. However, we made it to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and again no information and more delays but we got on the plane and we were headed back to Leeds Bradford.

We were over Leeds when the pilot told us that visibility was down to 300 metres and it looked unlikely that we would be able to land. A few moments later visibility was down to 100 metres and we were going to have to land in Manchester... but no Manchester was too busy so we were redirected to Durham Tees Valley Airport where everything was closed but at least we were on the ground. Half an hour later we were bundled into coaches and we travelled down the A1 back to Leeds Bradford to collect my car. I took Richard home and eventually got home after a journey, that should have taken four hours, lasting eight hours.

I am never going to travel with KLM again.

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Anonymous said...

I really don't think you can blame KLM for the lack of visability at Leeds Bradford!!