Friday, 7 March 2008

I am doing a brief input after lunch and the key messages are...

Building Brilliant…
…releasing the potential of your team!
our mission… our ambition

“We want to be world class…
… whatever it takes!”

The Six Keys to BRILLIANT…
Ownership & Engagement!

Success is NOT plan driven, it is NOT the product of strategic thinking or planning or the product of focus groups.
Success is NEEDS driven, it is messy, evolutionary, trivial, experimental and the product of trial and error.

Have you
changed the world

And finally...
...those who say
"it cannot be done"…
…should not interrupt
the person doing it.
Chinese Proverb



Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Just to keep you posted on the latest news from Intake High School's brilliant "unknown cause". They played in the regional semi final of Live and Unsigned at Salford's Willows Variety Centre and with the backing of over 70 young fans, friends and family in a crowd of over 500 (many thanks to Youth Bank for funding towards the coach) they were able to secure a place in the regional final at the same venue on April 6th, and could only be a good performance away from the Nationals in London in June.

The talent, confidence and sheer presence of this band is a joy to behold for a group of year 10-12's and they deserve all their continued success. Good luck in the final.

Craig Clarkson

Chris'Blog said...

Hi Craig,
We have some amazing young people here in Leeds.Good luck to "unknown cause"; let's hope that this brilliant young band wins on 6th April.