Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Last week was a funny old week…

I spent most of the week in meetings: meetings with Rosemary Archer and her Children's Services Leadership Team; a meeting with the Education Leeds Board; a meeting with colleagues at the DCSF; a meeting with colleagues from the Hay Group; a meeting with John Battle MP; a meeting with June Turner, headteacher at Beecroft Primary School; a meeting with Councillor Richard Harker; and a meeting with Dirk Gilleard and Ros Vahey before I headed off to Oxford for my son’s graduation ceremony

I did manage one brief school visit. I visited Lawnswood High School. The school had been plagued by false fire alarms and I popped in to see Milan Davidovic who took me on a quick tour of the school and talked to me about this year’s GCSE results and the progress the school is making.

It’s easy for us here at Education Leeds to talk about the challenges, the difficulties we face, the stress and how difficult our jobs are. But we need to always remember that it’s Milan and his colleagues and colleagues in schools across the city who day-in, day-out are really at the front line.

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