Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I can't say that I get much feedback as Chief Executive of Education Leeds but I know it's great to get feedback, especially when it is good feedback...

My colleague Doug Meeson sent me the feedback from the Council's Financial Management Team's Away Day I attended at Herd Farm in March. The thing is that the feedback, which was almost entirely incredibly positive, made me feel fantastic. The feedback was actually so good that I have suggested to Doug that we transfer some of his team over to join us here at Education Leeds.

What do I learn from how I felt this morning on reading Doug's e-mail? We need to ensure that we give positive feedback wherever and whenever we can and we should constantly try to catch our colleagues doing the right things and tell them privately and publicly how talented, brilliant, gorgeous and wonderful they are.

Just think what we could do if we could capture and bottle how I felt this morning.

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