Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I was delighted to read that my colleague Karen Le Sage, ICT Co-ordinator at Temple Moor High School Science College, also loves the Asus Minibook, having used it now for a couple of months...

On the RM site Karen says "At this stage, it has only been used for personal use although this did involve giving a demonstration to year 6 students in a school in the Bahamas about new technology! These students found the computer great and could not believe the cost. They quickly learnt how to use the web camera and found the portability excellent. The school is going to buy some for it's students based on the demonstration they saw. The design is great in that it has a good size keyboard and well balanced. It is easy to use anywhere and has everything you need in a minibook. I was only able to test wireless connectivity at home but it was excellent. It also worked very easily with airport wireless as well. Extremely easy to use. The interfaces were very good and self explanatory. It even allowed me to play music from my ipod without itunes. The built in camera was also another excellent feature. Excellent value for money as it stands and I know there will be further improvements that will make it even better. I like it's portability, it's excellent wireless and the ease with which you can record sound and vision etc. Overall I think it is excellent for use in schools and consequently we have planned for 170 of them in the new build."

It's great to know that talented colleagues at the front line see the potential of the Asus Minibook and are beginning to order them for the new schools where I know they will have a massive impact on teaching and learning.

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