Friday, 9 May 2008

I went to the Derek Fatchett CLC today to attend yet another Education Leeds Staff Induction session...

These sessions are really inspiring because I get the chance to meet the new starters who have such enormous potential to add-value to what we are doing and really bring something special to the company. They are some of our most positive, committed and enthusiastic colleagues since they have recently made the choice to join the team. The group were young, apart from Peter Lawrence, Consultant Headteacher working on the 14 - 19 agenda, who is young at heart. They were everything you would want our new colleagues to be; interested, engaged and enthusiastic. There was a significant group of colleagues from the attendance team who are working with schools to tackle on of our key priorities... this is yet another area where, led by Jane Hall, we are doing some brilliant work here in Leeds.

Everyone needs to be happy, healthy, safe and increasingly successful. We all need to coach, support and work with these new colleagues to release their potential and continue to make Education Leeds such a great place to work.

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