Friday, 6 June 2008

Is e-mail getting you down? I received 186 e-mails yesterday and it is getting beyond a joke...

I think we should start e-mail free Fridays where we can clear our in boxes and talk to each other instead. What do you think?


Richard M. Boughey said...

The issue to me is not so much the email (or the phone calls or the conversations) it's more that there is a pressure for people to say everything to everyone. The thing I particularly dislike is being cc'd - does this mean I should read/action it or not? I was once taught that you should answer this question before sending an email: I am sending you his email because...? If it's that you need to read page 13 of a 100 page document then you should say that. My worry is that the email free day idea wouldn’t remove the clutter of the emails if we don’t change why we send messages or have meetings.

the owl said...

It may be of interest to people to read some of Tim Ferriss blogs at
He advocates only looking at email at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. or even better outsourcing email altogether!
Most email just validates the authors existence it doesn't actually achieve a great deal. Use the phone it's more productive.