Thursday, 5 June 2008

Today was World Environment Day and we had worked with schools to organise a Green Day...

Over thirty schools were involved and I went to Kippax North Junior and Infant School to a special assembly which celebrated the school's wonderful Green Week. Barbara Clark, the headteacher, and Chris Clarke, the learning mentor had invited me to be part of their celebrations. It was fantastic and the children are becoming Eco-Warriers. They used the day to open their Magical Garden at the new Children's Centre and their incredible Wind Turbine. The Turbine compliments the solar panels which the school was given by the Co-op in recognition of their Eco Schools work. The turbine cost £25000 and was funded by local councillors, the Council, businesses and children and their families.

Every school in Leeds should become a sustainable school where children and colleagues work on recycling, re-using, energy and water conservation, locally grown and sourced food and reducing our carbon footprints. They should all have a turbine and solar panels, an allotment and garden, walking buses, recycling facilities and a water butt to collect rain water and it is brilliant to see Kippax North under Barbara's leadership showing us the way.

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