Wednesday, 4 June 2008

My colleague Peter Saunders who manages the Gypsy Roma Traveller Achievement Service here in Leeds wanted me to know about the feedback he has received from the winner of the GRTHM Poster Competition...

"Hi Chris, Thought that you would want to see this from a parent regarding the great success of the GRTHM Poster Prize-giving giving ceremony in the House of Lords on Monday. Best wishes Peter"

"Dear Peter, My wife and I and Jonathan would like to thank you for organising such a splendid prize giving presentation. Please also pass on our thanks to Lord Avebury, Lord Adonis and Arthur Ivatts for making this presentation possible in the House of Lords. Jonathan had a wonderful time and is very appreciative for his prize and being honoured in this way. It will be an occasion that he will remember for the rest of his life as shall we. As parents this was for us a very special occasion and we are very proud of our son and glad that we were able to support him and to be a part of this historic month of the Gypsy Roma Travellers. Many thanks. Yours sincerely, Costa, Marion and Jonathan Georgiades"

Peter also sent me some wonderful pictures from the event at the House of Lords.

Peter and the team have done a brilliant job organising the GRTHM nationally as well as in Leeds and the impact on young people from these communities as evidenced in this letter is wonderful.

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