Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Another week, another country...

Finland gets some of the best results in the world and the best results in Europe so I spent three days in Helsinki at the beginning of last week searching for the magic ingredient, only to discover that it isn't there. What I discovered and of course what I already knew is that the magic is already here - it's just unevenly distributed.

On my two days back in Leeds at the end of last week I had breakfast with some great colleagues, visited Wykebeck Primary School, heard about the West Oak Partnership's innovation award, heard about Dinneka Smillie's success at the National Aimhigher Awards and visited the Elmete and Blenheim Centres.

So what is the answer? What builds brilliant? Of course it's brilliant people... colleagues like Peter Harris, Georgina Winterburn, Jane Fisher, Andrew Hodkinson, Jenny Millington, Richard Boughey, Ken Campbell and many more... colleagues whose leadership, passion, enthusiasm, energy, persistence, determination and hard work are transforming learning and our learning places.

What are you doing to build brilliant and release the magic?

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