Friday, 10 October 2008

I missed something special yesterday and my colleague Ros Vahey attended on my behalf...

"Chris, We had a conference at Elland Road called Safeguarding Children and Young People in a Digital World. It was a Leeds City Council, RM and Education Leeds event led by Cathy Morgan education development manager for RM Education. It included a fantastic presentation by Helen Penn from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) about tackling online abuse. Helen reminded us how easy it is to find out everything very quickly about where a child lives, goes to school, pictures of their uniform, and the names of their parents. etc etc by showing us a google search. The event was well attended by police, childrens, social care, teachers, administrators, youth officers, ICT co-ordinators, Bradford, Wakefield and Middlesborough schools, and the voluntary sector, etc. Also Edward Gibson, chief security adviser from Microsoft Lt UK, an ex FBI special agent, (!) shared with us his insights into how we can protect ourselves from the cybercriminals. We heard how the UK is a safe haven for e-crime and how we can better manage the risks. We got freebies of the "free to schools" parents CD-ROM called Know IT All; a guide to getting the most out of the internet and keeping children safe online which can be used in schools ( produced by DCSF, Becta and Childnet International) We saw a video made by a young person about how damaging cyber bullying can be and that it's whole-school community issue. Ros"

Apparently, everybody should have been there!!

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