Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I attended the ADCS, Aspect and RM 'Shaping Schools for the Future' Conference today in Stratford upon Avon...

The Conference was chaired by Sir Mike Tomlinson and provded an opportunity for a select group of colleagues to look at some of the lessons learned from those authorities already involved in BSF programmes. John Chowat from Aspect talked about the implications of ongoing Children's Services workforce reform and Richard Stiff, Deputy Chief Executive and DCS in North Lincolnshire talked about the corporate approach to BSF. I delivered a presentation on Building Brilliant: unleasing potential and magic!

The afternoon session was delivered by Steve Bolingbroke, who now works for Kunskapsskolan, delivering the Swedish model through the Academies programme here in the UK. The session was a brilliant reminder of what we saw when colleagues from Leeds visited Stockholm and one the Kundskapsskolan schools two years ago.


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