Wednesday, 12 November 2008

I recieved this e-mail form my colleague Julie Cooper, headteacher at Carlton Primary School after she attended breakfast this morning...

"Dear Chris, Thank you for the opportunity to meet together this morning in a very supportive environment. Having experienced belonging to both Garforth and Morley F.O.S. I found it quite difficult initially joining the Rothwell group which was not as well established. However I now think we are beginning to become much more proactive and hopefully some profitable collaborative work is emerging. Since you last visited Carlton I know that our Foundation Stage has greatly improved. Several factors have contributed to its growing success including a strong and visionary age phase manager and my own committment to Early Years, inspired by my advisory role working alongside Pat Booth and Jenny Woodbridge. We are now eager to step forward from our OFSTED rating of 2 and are currently seeking to observe what does 'excellent' Early Years practice look like across the city. I have colleagues in Kirklees who have adopted much of the excellent Reggio Emilia practice and I would love our school to be considered for any involvement in collaborative work with Reggio. I believe we would have the capacity to disseminate any outcomes across the city. Best wishes Julie Cooper"

It is wonderful to get such positive and constructive feedback after breakfast. I know that Oakwood Primary School and Victoria Primary School are both also passionate about this project which will link practice in the early years with Reggio Emilia through a Comenius funded programme. Is anyone else out there keen to get involved?

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