Tuesday, 11 November 2008

My colleague Richard Boughey showed me an article in the Rothwell & District Record...

It was called 'Technology to transform teaching at Rodillian' and recorded interviews with students and teachers at Rodillian School about their new school half a term in. Jasmine Lunn from Year 10 was impressed with the new computers and the dance studio. Ella Briggs from Year 11 likes the new arrangements at lunchtime with split sessions providing better access to the new dining facilities. Jemima Rudd from Year 9 was so impressed that she couldn't find anything she didn't like. Jack Stone from Year 8 was similarly impressed by the bright building where everything works! Amber Haley from Year 7 liked the signs and the computers but felt squashed in corridors and staircases. Ms Harrington, Head of Performing Arts, highlighted how the new building had opened up opportunities, built teamwork and improved communication as well as improving behaviour.

The future is certainly bright and positive at Rodillian School.

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