Friday, 14 November 2008

I went back to Elland Road to talk to colleagues again and to encourage them to rise to the challenge we have been given by Ed Balls and Jim Knight...

We have had a brilliant year and we are releasing a real magic across the city but we need to build 'brilliant' consistently around all our young people, whatever it takes. Ed Balls and Jim Knight recognised our success today and these amazing colleagues lie at the heart of our success.

I also talked to colleagues about how we continue to develop our 'can do' culture and the power of the Pacific Institute programmes we are using across the city; IIE, STEPS and Go for It. These programmes have transformed our culture, they change lives and have created a positive approach which helps us dream big and believe in ourselves even on the dark days.

Everyone I spoke to had a great day and it appears to have energised and motivated the colleagues who were there... which is fantastic.We also had a collection for 'Children in Leeds' which I hope raised a huge amount for this great cause.

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