Wednesday, 10 December 2008

I have just received this e-mail from my colleague Wayne Davies at Crawshaw School...

"Hiya Chris, Just returned from London. Unfortunately we didn't get into the top 3. It was a fantastic experience for students & teachers alike. Our team are still winners and, though disappointed with not winning the competition outright, can be exceptionally proud of their achievements and did a magnificent job in representing Crawshaw, Leeds & Yorkshire & Humberside. Thankyou for your support. The judges were impressed that we'd got the Chief Exec on board! Cheers Wayne."

I was delighted to write supporting Jessica, Bethany, Francesca, Abbie and Ryan whose “X BAND Your Future” initiative is a brilliantly creative response to some of the biggest challenges we face with our young people.

Their “X BAND Your Future” initiative aims to get young people to develop respect, equality, friendship, inspiration and sport through their schools, youth clubs and in the community. The challenges would encourage our young people to help their community, to get new friends, to build intergenerational friendships and to get fit. The scheme presents us with a really fantastic opportunity to make Leeds a better place for young people but also has the added incentive that someone will get the opportunity to attend the Olympics and the Paralympics with two friends and to stay at a top London hotel!

Even though they didn't win at the national awards, this is a winning initiative from a team of winners whose ideas clearly are helping to build the future… a brighter better future for all young people here in Leeds.

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