Wednesday, 10 December 2008

My colleague Maggie Hartley, Extended Schools & Services Cluster Coordinator for Beeston Hill & Holbeck, needs our help...

"Oh Chris – I’m so glad you enjoyed the Town Hall Concert – I was at home poorly and very fed up because I couldn’t go and see the results of the efforts to get the Sing Leeds South Choir there but hey – such is life!!! Everyone said they were wonderful and I’ve been told that the concert was the best ever! What I’d LOVE to achieve in 2009 is keeping the Sing Leeds South choir running!! The highest costs are in the transport. Without the transport the choir won’t have a Cross-Cluster Community Cohesion impact so would lose its purpose. Artforms have agreed to pay for the choir leaders but we need some BRIGHT IDEAS about finding funding for the transport – have you got any of those bright ideas? I do hope so?!! Luv Maggie."

Does anyone know a sponsor, a company, a partner who could help Maggie and this brilliant little choir?

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