Wednesday, 10 December 2008

My colleague Richard Irvine, our Data & Information Services Manager, sent me some more good news today...

"Dear Chris, Just a brief note to let you know, that, despite our ambitious expression of interest in Phase 3 Funding that took us well beyond our allocation threshold, BECTA/ DCSF have reviewed our response and have agreed to support this initiative in full across all of our targeted groups. The value of funding allocated will be £347,000. This capital funding should clear on 15 December. This is yet another display of confidence by the DCSF in our ability to manage transformational ICT programmes which have a direct benefit on children, young people and families across Leeds. Thanks to all involved who supported this bid! I will be in touch shortly to draw up plans for this phase. Kind Regards Richard."

This is brilliant news and means that more of our most special young people will have access to ICT at home to enable and support their learning.

Great work by a great team!

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