Friday, 9 January 2009

Creative schools are being sought by Creative Partnerships...

Schools are being looked for to join a two-year project to raise educational standards and develop in young people the skills that employers say they need such as the ability to question, make connections, innovate, problem solve and reflect critically. Schools that secure funding to become ‘Schools of Creativity’ will lead school networks and help to shape policy and practice throughout Creative Partnerships.

Who can apply?
Any maintained school in England can apply - as long as they will not be involved in another Creative Partnerships programme from September 2009.

The newly selected schools will join 30 other ‘Schools of Creativity’ that were selected in 2008 from those that already work with Creative Partnerships.

What is Creative Partnerhsips looking for?
Paul Collard, National Director of Creative Partnerships, said: "We are looking for schools that put creativity at the centre of the student learning. The schools that join the programme will share their unique creative approach so that other schools can learn from their experience. Schools of Creativity will also help Creative Partnerships to shape national policies and good practice.

How does the funding work?
Each school selected from this round will receive £20,000 each year, for two years and a funded education consultant to develop and promote creative learning. Schools will be expected to contribute £5,000 a year to the scheme. ‘Schools of Creativity’ will also receive 15 days support per year of a dedicated creative agent to support partnership building with creative professionals.

When is the deadline and when will schools be announced?
Deadline for submissions is the 6th March 2009. Schools will be selected by a national selection panel, comprising of members of Creative Partnerships and independent education consultants. Successful schools will be announced in early July.

It would be great to see some Leeds schools involved in this exciting initiative.


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