Thursday, 8 January 2009

I was delighted to see that my colleague and friend John Ellard from ICG in Stockholm is still reading my blog and if you are a regular reader of the blog please sign up as a follower...

I do know that lots of colleagues read the blog but I don't get many comments or much feedback. I want to continue to improve and develop the blog so I have added an element that groups together the community that follows my blog. It's dead easy to do and I hope all those avid readers will let me know that they are there and encourage me to keep on blogging!


John said...

Hi Chris,
I am very much in support of your fantastic efforts to inform, motivate, lead , inspire and encourage your team and others through your blog. from an international perspective it provides me and I believe many others here in Sweden with a picture of developments and events,successes,improvement needs among other things in Leeds. As I have pointed out before your visionary and encouraging approach is a real success breeder which I am interested in being updated and informed in.
keep up the good work in Leeds. Many eyes are on you from Scandinavia.
Best regards

Chris'Blog said...

Dear John,
I am grateful for your feedback and very positive comments. We have many friends in Stockholm who have helped and inspired us to continue to drive brilliant outcomes for our young people in fantastic new buildings. Next time you are over we must show you the three new secondary schools which owe a lot to you and colleagues in Stockholm. Everyone who sees them is simply bowled oevr by what we have achieved here in Leeds.
See you soon.
Best wishes