Thursday, 15 January 2009

I received this message today from Rosemary Archer, Director of Children's Services and I wanted to share it with colleagues...

"Chris , I know we have spoken about the GCSE results before but I want to put on record on this day when the results are formally published my appreciation of the work done by Education Leeds to enable such brilliant results in the City. I know it is the young people who have worked so hard and all the teachers who have supported them that make the absolute difference on the day of the exam but without all that you and the staff of Education Leeds have done over these past years I am sure we would not be as successful, so widely across the City as we are now. It is a fabulous result and I am truly appreciative. Rosemary."

It is great to receive messages like this and I would also want to thank everyone who makes up the brilliant education and learning team across Leeds; colleagues in schools and in Education Leeds for another set of brilliant results for our most valuable resource; our children and young people.


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