Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I visited another brilliant little primary school today...

I went to Armley Primary School where Kath Andrews and her team are doing wonderful things for their children, their families and the community and they also achieve really good standards! From breakfast club to after school activities, from Wake Up and Shake Up to healthy lunches, from football and netball teams to the Northern Ballet's Nutcracker this is a school with a mission. I was taken round the school by two of the Year 6 children who were fantastic. We also had lunch together with a small group of Year 6 children and talked about what it was that made Armley Primary School such a great little school... surprise, surprise it was Kath and her team!

I had coffee with Kath and some of her team before I left them all to Wake Up and Shake Up after lunch and I am really looking forward to seeing the team photos.

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