Monday, 2 February 2009

I have been reading the Department of Health's 'Health Profile of England 2008'...

It provides a snapshot of health and well-being and contains loads of good news:
  • homelessness is reducing;
  • more young people are achieving 5 A*-C grades at GCSE;
  • teenage conception rates are falling;
  • suicides rates have fallen;
  • the proportion of schoolchildren drinking has fallen;
  • the proportion of schoolchildren smoking has fallen;
  • the proportion of schoolchildren using drugs has fallen;
  • the proportion of schoolchildren engaging in physical activity has risen;
  • the proportion of schoolchildren eating five portions of fruit and vegetable everyday has risen;
  • life expectancy is increasing for both males and females.
  • child and adult obesity has increased alarmingly;
  • cases of diabetes have increased alarmingly;
  • chlamydia rates have risen steadily.
And the bad news is that the picture is different across the country with Yorkshire and the Humber lying towards the bottom of many of the indicators:
  • GCSE achievement;
  • violent crime;
  • carbon emissions;
  • teenage pregnancy;
  • adults who smoke;
  • binge drinking adults;
  • healthy eating adults;
  • drug misuse;
  • infant deaths;
  • road injuries and deaths.
The message seems to be that we should focus our energy and efforts on addressing the following issues;
  • encouraging healthy lifestyles;
  • tackling obesity through better diet and increased activity;
  • tackling sexual health and teenage pregnancy;
  • addressing infant mortality;
  • addressing school underachievement.

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