Thursday, 5 February 2009

I started the day early at Carr Manor High School...

I arrived having travelled through a snow storm to find business as usual with their great team out on duty shepherding in the students. It is reassuring to see the transformation that is happening at Carr Manor and to talk to Simon about the incredible work they are doing to drive up standards and extend and enrich the offer we make to these young people. The 21st Century Schools consultation document reinforces the importance of this work on different models of leadership and governance, extended services, partnership working, family support, learning campuses and learning communities. It was a great start to yet another snowy day.

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John said...

Chris, I have spent the last 4 days in the south of Sweden talking about education with educationalists and one school (Carr Manor) and one Head (Simon) came up on a number of occasions. The reason this happened was simply that when I visited this school on one occasion with you and another with a group of Swedish heads I was so impressed by the leadership commitment as well as the performance measurement mechanisms in place that it is impossible not to share the experiences.
Best Regards