Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I received this e-mail from my colleague Dee Reid...

"Hi Chris, We are going to headteacher forum in March with a proposal for heads to consider. The proposal will invite school staff to register with the school nearest to their home so that in the event of an emergency, for example, severe weather, staff could provide cover at local schools that would otherwise be forced to close. We will also be seeking the views of headteachers about alternative proposals to closure. We realise that there may be some perceived barriers to setting this up, but the potential for keeping schools open, and therefore children and young people safe and engaged in learning makes it worthwhile. Kind regards, Dee"

I am pleased that we are working with colleague headteachers to look at these issues.


Tim said...

This is exactly what the Leeds Library Service does to ensure that public service can operate as normally as possible.

One question is how the security of schools would be maintained with so many unfamiliar faces in schools around children?

Chris'Blog said...

All our school based colleagues are CRB checked and cleared to work with children, so in theory it wouldn't be a problem. We need to further develop the whole idea though since many of our colleagues don't live in Leeds or in the areas where we have the greatest need on days like today.