Monday, 20 April 2009

The Equality Framework for Local Government

The Equality Framework is a performance and improvement framework which helps
public bodies to focus on the processes and outcomes associated with equality and

The Framework has been introduced from April 2009 and is based on the Equality Standard which we have been working on since its establishment in 2001. The Equality Framework provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to dealing with equalities and covers all aspects of policy making, service delivery and employment. The Equality Framework recognises the importance of fair and equal treatment in public services and employment and supports mainstreaming equality into policy and practice at all levels.

This framework will help us to:
• improve the services we provide so they are more representative, relevant and efficient, whilst also improving satisfaction and trust;
• ensure that policies and strategies deliver fairness for everyone and improve our accountability to local people;
• combat inequalities and avoid expensive litigation as a consequence of discrimination.

There are 3 levels to the Framework: emerging, achieving and excellence. As a level 4 company we are already at 'achieving' level moving towards 'excellence'. Work is currently taking place to fully understand how we will move from the Equality Standard to the Equality Framework. Achievement of the levels is confirmed through peer assessment. The Equality Framework focuses on 5 areas of change management and relates closely to requirements within the new Comprehensive Area Assessment: The five areas of change management are:
  • Knowing your community – equality mapping
  • Place shaping, leadership, partnership and organisational commitment
  • Community engagement and satisfaction
  • Responsive services and customer care
  • A modern and diverse workforce

For more information about the Equality Framework please contact Rehana Minhas or Council colleagues at


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