Monday, 20 April 2009

The thing that really hits you when you read Nelson Mandela or Barack Obama is that values are the key to real success...

If we want to be effective as team leaders, manager or colleagues we need to work hard to build common values among the people we work with. We know that a colleague's environment, their school,college and university, their community groups, sports club and their church as well as their life experiences shape their values and their behaviours. In organizations, like Education Leeds, with a strong culture, the values of the organization can have a greater influence on colleagues' values than the team they belong to. However, anyone who has moved job and team within Education Leeds knows that the values within different teams also differs. We all know from our own experience that managers, team leaders and colleagues can have a significant impact on our values.

Statements of our shared values should shine through our web site and appear boldly in our annual report and all our various publications. We must all devote time to formal induction programs for new colleagues where we can share our values. We must coach, mentor and support each other and wherever we can use the physical workspace to communicate our values. We must all carefully review what gets rewarded, because what is rewarded will be valued. We also need to examine the influence of praise and recognition. When you've clarified what you value, then determine how you can acknowledge and celebrate every action that is consistent with those values. Have you posted a note on a bulletin board, sent out a congratulatory note, letter or e-mail, or included a notice in one of our many newsletters?

We must all spend some time thinking about our values and how our actions are compatible or incompatible with our values. By clarifying and consistently applying our values, we will do a better job managing our time, and we will have greater integrity and credibility as team leaders, managers and colleagues.


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