Wednesday, 22 April 2009

My colleague Jane Haswell from our brilliant Families and Schools Together Team sent me this after my comments about allotments and gardens in schools...

"Hi Chris, in response to your interesting times blog, I too think it would be a wonderful idea to have an allotment or small garden in every school - it offers such a rich learning experience. Where community members are invited to join in, then it creates a fantastic opportunity for dads and grandads to become involved with school - and we know children could really benefit from this! If produce can be sold within the community then learning is further enhanced. I proposed a plan for a garden project for two merging high schools when they were at the stage of planning the move to a new building, it seemed a great way to promote community cohesion - unfortunately the proposal was not taken up. If any school would like help to set up an adult group and support for that group with some basic training to prepare the adults to work with children then please ask them to contact the FAST Team. It can be an offshoot of the INVEST programme, I have the name already - Greenshoot INVEST. Best wishes, Jane."

If anyone is interested contact Jane.


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