Tuesday, 9 June 2009

I received this e-mail from Sue Knights...

"Dear Mr Edwards, Firstly thank you for attending the NW SILC sensory launch it was a wonderful time for the school. My main reason for contacting you was in the hope that you would put on your blog that one of my sons Dale Knights will be running the Jane Tomlinson run to raise funds for the NW SILC sensory and playground fundraising. Dale is a student at Allerton High school and has decided to do this fundraising after meeting the children at the NW SILC. Often as parents we forget just how great our kids are either because we are tired or busy but I can say I am very proud of him for this and know the NW SILC children will benefit from sensory and playground equipment from his fundraising. Please ask people to cheer him along the route if they are watching he will be RED 6509....many thanks .............Sue Knights"

Our young people are fantastic and every week I meet young people who inspire me and reassure me about the future. It is great to hear about young people, like Dale, who are doing something to help others less fortunate than themselves. I hope everyone who watches the Jane Tomlinson run will support and encourage Dale.

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