Friday, 12 June 2009

I started the day early at Benton Park School...

I had been invited to their Year 7 World Religion Day which was a celebration of religious education and world faiths organised by colleagues from the school's RE team. I met David Foley, headteacher, who introduced me to colleagues and then attended the staff briefing which started with two fantastic dhol drummers.

I then attended a brief assembly for the Year 7 students where they were treated to dhol drumming and bhangra dancing. I was then taken to the workshops by two of David's students: Alex and Hannah who were my guides for the rest of my visit. We visited two workshops where we identified and tasted different foods. We visited a drumming and a percussion workshop and two workshops where everyone was trying bollywood dancing... Spanish lessons will never be the same for Alex and Hannah!

It was wonderful to start the day at Benton Park and to spend some time with Alex and Hannah, two hugely impressive and talented young people who were brilliant ambassadors for the school.

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