Monday, 17 August 2009

Language and attitude are such powerful determinants of how we think, how we act and how we behave...

When you are talking about a child, a colleague, a friend, an athlete, a dancer, a school, a place or anything else and you hear the word ordinary what do you think? You probably think of words such as average, dull, boring, plain, common, and satisfactory. You're probably not thinking of an ordinary colleague or an ordinary place because they simply aren't that important or that memorable.

So what do you think of when you hear the word extraordinary? Words such as amazing, wonderful, talented, gorgeous, outstanding and brilliant come to mind. You're probably thinking of an individual or a particular place that fits the description: a personal hero, a partner, a child, a friend, a great school, a great restaurant, an incredible footballer, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, a great poet, or your favourite place.

Sadly many people believe that if you are like most of us, ordinary people with ordinary jobs, that you have no hope of ever achieving success or doing something extraordinary: something that really makes a difference. It's not true. You are a unique and extraordinary individual with incredible potential and the difference between being ordinary or being extraordinary is not skill, the difference is attitude!

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