Friday, 21 August 2009

"Life isn't measured by the number of breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away."

Today I must write the saddest lines and I am really sorry to tell you that Bill Pullen, Headteacher at Farnley Park High School, our colleague and friend died yesterday. Bill was one of those colleagues who could take your breath away; a giant of a man with a charismatic and friendly style and he will be missed by us all. I can see him now, standing in my doorway three weeks ago, smiling at me before the holidays. We don't currently know anything about his funeral but I know your thoughts, like mine, will be with Bill's family and friends at this terrible time.

We have lost a colleague, a friend and a champion of learning and young people. We have all been priviledged to know Bill and his death is a sad, sad loss to education and learning in Leeds. Chris


Anonymous said...

Hi, i heard about dr pullan when a letter from high school came through and i was really shocked and i feel really sorry for his family.

r.i.p. dr pullan :)

Anonymous said...

oh my god i was shocked when i heard couldn't belive it he was soo healthy never would of guessed his time was up. That is why i don't plan too far in the future cos you don't know when your time is up

R.I.P Dr B Pullan

Tracey Chaplin said...

Bill was my line manager during my first year at Benton Park school, prior to his Headship at Farnley Park. He was a inspirational motivator. Devastating news for his family, friends and colleagues.

BigGeoff said...

I only met Bill a couple of times but as Chair of the West SILC, which shares a site, I was aware of the high esteem in which Bill was held.
We can and will remember him for what he contributed to the thousands of kids who 'went through his hands' - he will be missed by many more than he might have imagined.

Chris'Blog said...

We will all miss Bill who was a friend, colleague and champion for learning and young people here in Leeds.
It makes you realise how vulnerable we all are and how we should live for today while palnning for tomorrow.