Monday, 17 August 2009

We certainly live in interesting times with schools increasingly moving centre stage and the end of national prescription and national control...

We need to re-imagine and redesign learning for this new age:
  • to re-think and understand that more is better;
  • to re-think and connect our learning places with other provision;
  • to re-imagine our spaces for learning building on creativity, imagination and enterprise;
  • to develop collaborative and team based approaches at the heart of what we do;
  • to build learning webs, learning hubs and learning satellites since small is beautiful;
  • to re-think teaching and formal learning to maintain excellence and academic rigour;
  • to develop learning as informal and fun to connect with young people's interests and potential;
  • to create learning places that young people love and shape to better meet their needs;
  • to create learning places where young people have high self-esteem and feel in control of their own learning.

It's all about brilliant learning in brilliant learning places!


BigGeoff said...

It is often claimed that we learn easiest and fastest in our early years, a time when we are free and wantonly inquisitive.
Yet more or less as soon as we get to school 'formality' and structure start to appear in the learning environment. What's this about? How can we regenerate the fun and inquisitiveness that underpins so much of our early learning?

Chris'Blog said...

There are great teachers who are releasing the magic here in Leeds. You see it in some schools, some PE departments, some arts departments, some SILCs and the challenge is how do we make it happen more often. Is smaller units the answer?
Answers on a post or a post card!