Monday, 28 September 2009

My colleague Steve Clark, Headteacher at Whitkirk Primary School sent me this message at the end of last week...

"Hello Chris, Just a quick note to alert you to an item on tv this evening that might be of interest. Calendar on ITV is showing an item about two of our pupils who have worked with the Willow Young Carers team. As I know you know, the Willows team does a fantastic job of raising awareness about the lives of young carers and they spent a whole day with us here at Whitkirk recently, allowing all children to understand what it means to be a young carer. The Calendar cameras were here on Tuesday filming some of our children and I have just learned that they are showing it tonight. Tune in and you should see some of our young stars in action!
Best wishes, Steve."

Willow Young Carers is a wonderful organisation reaching and supporting some of the young carers in Leeds. Whitkirk Primary School has pioneered some of this work and it is wonderful to see their work being given such coverage and recognition.


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