Thursday, 1 October 2009

Our International work is brilliant and it is great to know that colleagues have secured €134,500 EU funding, over the next two years, to develop partnership working across Europe. The money will be used to fund three projects, which will promote innovation in local teaching and learning through international cooperation...

The first project sees Leeds schools working with the Andalucian Education Authority, to enhance access to quality language learning for young people. They will develop foreign language teaching using cross-curricular approaches focusing on PE, art and new technologies.

The second project will see a partnership between Leeds and Nykoping, in Sweden, promoting community cohesion and celebrating diversity. The project aims to ensure different minority ethnic pupils, particularly international new arrivals, achieve their full potential.

And the third project sees Leeds work with Stockholm to provide lifelong learning opportunities for participating schools, focusing on sustainability, culture and personalised learning.

As funding gets increasingly tight and we carefully look at everything we spend we must continue to develop projects which draw down additional funding to sustain and develop our brilliant international work.

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