Monday, 28 September 2009

This afternoon other colleagues attended the launch of 'Building Brighter Futures in Leeds', the new Leeds Children and Young people's Plan 2009 - 2014...

The Plan sets out our approach to improving outcomes for all our children and young people. The document outlines our progress since the last plan was published in 2006 and establishes the ten areas where we need to work in partnership to drive up standards and secure better outcomes.
  • improving outcomes for our looked after children;
  • improving attendance and reducing persistent absence from school;
  • improving early learning and primary outcomes in deprived areas;
  • providing places to go and things to do;
  • raising the proportion of young people in education or work;
  • reducing child poverty;
  • reducing teenage conceptions;
  • reducing the need for children to be in care;
  • strengthening safeguarding;
  • enabling integrated working.
The Plan makes it clear that over the next five years we will work to make sure that all children and young people:
  • are safe and secure;
  • are safe and supported in stronger communities;
  • are helped to narrow the gap;
  • are thriving and learning;
  • are safe and supported in stronger families;
  • enjoy life and have places to go and things to do;
  • make the right choices;
  • make a good start; and
  • are supported by excellent integrated working.
These are ambitious statements but we all know that everything we do needs to be good or better and there can be no exceptions. We all believe that the children and young people of this great city are its future and have extraordinary potential. It is also important that we recognise that our parents and carers, our communities and our partners want every school and all our provision to be brilliant... whatever it takes.

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