Wednesday, 4 November 2009

This afternoon I attended the Leeds launch of Envision...

The launch was at the Carriageworks and was attended by sixth form students from twelve secondary schools across the city who attended a series of workshops during the afternoon. Envision is a national education charity that was set up by young people ten years ago to challenge the stereotype of the ‘youth’ as apathetic and disengaged. Envision supports 16-19 year olds from schools and colleges in Greater London, Birmingham and is now coming to Leeds. They aim to help young people to design their own local community projects tackling issues ranging from street crime to climate change. Their programmes build confidence, aspirations and skills – aiming to inspire the next generation of young community leaders.They provide hands-on support for young people in schools and colleges on issues relating to citizenship education, sustainable development and the local community.

Envision is based at the old Hillside Primary School building in Beeston. If you want to find out more about their work or contact them you can visit their their website at

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