Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Chris Walsh, Headteacher at Boston Spa School sent me this last night...

"Chris, We texted all our parents last night telling them we were to remain open. I have written to all parents of young people with spring term exams (internal and external) explaining that we will remain open. We have kept the school open today, it has not been without challenge and staff have been brilliant. We did not have a bus service, but have kept telling the communities we serve that we are open. It has been another day of hot chocolate, good spirits and learning, with some staff are going the extra mile at the end of the day (before making their own journeys home) to take our more vulnerable young people, and those stranded by the cancelled 770 service, home. We will be open tomorrow and I would like our young people here, safe and learning. Chris"

It is brilliant to hear about the way colleagues are keeping the show on the road against the odds. Congratulations to Chris and the team at Boston Spa!

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