Saturday, 9 January 2010

I received this email and the pictures from Sue Sanderson, Headteacher at Swarcliffe Primary School...

"Hi Chris! I have attached some photos taken at Swarcliffe Primary School this week. We have been open all week, all our staff have managed to get in to school ~ its been tricky but we have all made it in! It has been frustrating to watch images of children sledging with their parents in the media giving the perception that every child enjoys snow days and are warm, well fed and safe. Here in East Leeds we know that image does not represent the experience of many of our children ~ this has strengthened staff resolve to make it to work. As you can see the children and staff had a fantastic time.

Year 3 even created their own Viking Longship!

Unfortunately we were forced to close school to children at the end of the week as we had a burst water main and gas leak! Staff were still on site armed with their own portable heaters! This weekend we will have contractors on site working to replace the main gas pipe so we can open to everyone on Monday! The school staff have been fantastic in supporting the school! I know they argue they are just doing their job but everyone has given over and above this week. Education Leeds Estate Management, especially Robert Furtle have also been very supportive liaising with contractors and H&S. I would like to mention Tony Morley (Superintendent) and Clare Mosby (Office Manager) who deserve an extra special mention both of whom have been in work extremely early and stayed very late to ensure children, parents and staff were safe and kept up to date! Sue."

It is brilliant to hear about the way colleagues are keeping the show on the road against the odds. Congratulations to Sue and her colleagues at Swarcliffe Primary School My personal thanks to Tony and Clare who have clearly been brilliant!

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