Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I received another e-mail about the magnificent efforts colleagues have put in to keep schools open from David Foley, Headteacher at Benton Park High School...

"Chris, having seen messages from Chris and Alison on the blog, I thought I'd let you know what a fantastic effort the whole staff at Benton Park have made in the last two days to ensure that we have been able to operate as smoothly and as normally as possible. Their professionalism has been exemplary. Those staff who have been able to, have got to school early to help man the phones. Particularly on Tuesday, colleagues showed great determination in getting here and speedily & efficiently slipped into their normal routines. We closed early yesterday, so that we could get pupils home safely on the buses - the bus-park was inaccessible, so the buses had to park on the main road. We also sent staff away as early as possible, so we could get a JCB in to clear the car-parks and roadways, to ensure that everyone would be less at risk today following the low temperatures overnight. A number of colleagues had to cope with very difficult conditions again this morning but did so and we have been able to function as normal today. Let's see what the rest of the week brings! Best Wishes, David."

Three quarters of our schools managed to stay open yesterday and it is brilliant to hear about the way colleagues are keeping the show on the road against the odds. Congratulations to David and the team at Benton Park High School!


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