Monday, 8 February 2010

My colleague Cathy Morgan, Strategic Education Development Manager at RM Education, sent me this e-mail today...

"Hi Chris, It was ‘back to the floor’ for me today and I loved it! The RM team worked with staff from Swallow Hill during an e-safety/transition day for 75 youngsters from year 6 at Castleton and Greenhill Primary schools and it was perfect. We all worked with small groups of youngsters using role play and a range of ICT to create animations, podcasts and videos to be used as e-safety resources for their peers. It was truly brilliant! The feedback from the youngsters was incredible ….’the best day I’ve had at school’ …. ‘I enjoyed it all’ … ‘could we have props next time please?’ We have taken lots of photographs and Chris Boylan from Derek Fatchett CLC kindly attended to capture a ‘butterfly’ which I can’t wait to see. It was worth leaving my ‘to do’ list to watch Evolve in practice. The Yr6 youngsters, Yr11 helpers, staff from all schools and the RM team were amazing. A special thank you to Claire Garside from RM and Cate Jarvis from Swallow Hill for organising such an exceptional event. Now… back to the list. Best wishes,Cathy."

It is great to hear about brilliant e-safety/transition work like this and shows the fantastic partnership between Education Leeds, RM Educationa dn our schools.

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