Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I started the day early at Aberford CE Primary School where Jo Heggie and her team are doing great things...

It was great visiting this little oasis of learning where Jo, Keri and the team are very obviously building outstanding provision. The atmosphere is wonderful: purposeful, engaging and stimulating with a real focus on learning, responsibility and ownership. The children are wonderful and the school is certainly releasing the X-Factor, the WOW factor and the magic.

What make Aberford CE Primary School so good...
  • focused and passionate leadership from Jo and Keri;
  • talented, energetic, enthusiastic and creative individuals;
  • a rich and creative curriculum;
  • a bright, stimulating and interesting learning environment;
  • inspiring teaching and learning;
  • high expectations; and
  • brilliant children.

This is a great learning place with a wonderful learning environment and a team with enormous potential who are releasing a very special kind of Aberford magic.


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